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Buy Masterly Crafted Turkish Chocolates Online in Sweden

Sweets and chocolates are an irrefutable part of Turkey because of their amazing taste and crunch. The craft of making Turkish delight chocolate is considered to be traditional art and requires professional skills. There are so many famous Turkish chocolate brands available in the market such as Ulker and Asuman which have worldwide recognition because of their rich taste and flavor. The production of Turkish delight chocolate was originally started in the 17th century, as of recent records Turkey produces more than 200 tons of chocolates per annum. Saray Gurme and MUGHE GOURMET are the best premium assorted Turkish delight chocolates to buy online at Ubuy’s official website.

Ingredients in Making of Turkish Chocolates

Turkish chocolate delight is no doubt an absolute masterpiece, it has numerous ingredients that count dry fruits and rose syrup which makes it what it is. You just can not tell how good it tastes by looking at its ingredients, but when it comes close to your mouth you can’t say no.
Below given are the ingredients used in making Turkish Chocolate -

  • Turkish Delight Flavoring
  • Wheat and Corn Flour
  • Vegetable Fat
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Citric Acid
  • Rose Flavor
  • Nuts - Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Walnut, and Peanut
  • Emulsifiers
  • Milk Solids
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Sugar & Water
  • Certified Vegetable Oil

Process of Making Turkish Chocolates

Making Turkish chocolates is no doubt a professional activity, it requires a lot of experience with perfect work delicacy. Here is the Turkish delight recipe -

  • Dry blend the sugar with cocoa powder.
  • Warm water and glucose over the stove.
  • Now, blend the dry ingredients with the glucose mix and nuts.
  • Take a chocolate mold and grease it with oil.
  • Make a consistent batter and pour it into the mold.
  • Cool it in order to cut it into perfect cubes.

Bravo! Your Turkish chocolate is ready to serve your mouth with a heavenly taste.

Different Turkish Delight Chocolate Flavours

Mostly you will see Turkish chocolates in natural flavors but there are synthetic flavors too which are quite popular among locals and foreign customers. Most consumed flavors count Turkish delight pistachio, Turkish delight rose, Turkish delight milk chocolate, Turkish delight almonds, strawberry Turkish delight, Turkish delight mint, double roasted Turkish delight, Turkish coffee chocolate, rose-flavored Turkish delight, mastic flavored Turkish delight, mango Turkish delight, orange Turkish delight, rosewater Turkish delight & much more. All these flavors give you an unmatched experience with exotic taste.

Turkish Delight Chocolate Candy

Popularly known as Turkish delight or Lokum, a Turkish candy has its own legacy and long roots in history. These candies are made by dipping them in sugar and starch syrup. It is a jelly-based candy finished with powdered sugar and sour flavors. The best thing to pair with Turkish delight is a cup of freshly made coffee. The most common is Turkish rose candy while other popular flavors for Turkish delight candy are Turkish pepper candy, Narnia Turkish candy, pismaniye Turkish cotton candy, etc. All these flavors are available at Ubuy’s online store, shop Turkish delight by picking your desired flavor.

What Makes Turkish Chocolates So Special?

Turkish chocolates stand over the top among the world’s most premium and popular chocolates because of their crunchy nut-rich taste. These chocolates are loaded with exotics nuts from Turkey which include grapes, apricots, figs, hazelnuts, and pistachios. The reason behind people’s exceptional love for Turkish chocolates is their premiums and hand-crafted making process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Chocolates

How can I order Turkish chocolates online?

Order your favorite Turkish chocolates from our store online. Ubuy has an easy add-to-cart and order process song with easy steps to checkout.

Where to buy Turkish chocolates?

Ubuy is a one-stop solution for all your online shopping needs. Here you can buy Turkish chocolates, delights, sweets and many more.

How to get Turkish chocolates delivered directly in India?

Get Turkish chocolates delivered to your doorstep fastly and safely in India simply by placing your order at Ubuy.

How to import Turkish chocolates to India?

Ubuy has made international shopping of Turkish chocolates easier for you, all you have to do is place your order and anything else will be managed by us. We have been in the exporting products business for more than a decade.

Where can I buy Turkish delight?

Explore different kinds of Turkish delight flavors and buy your favorite one from us. We have a broad range of Turkish delight chocolates and candies including Hazer baba, and Cerez Pazari Turkish Delight Rose Candy.

What are the charges to ship Turkish chocolates to India?

Shipping charges depend upon the respective country’s import principles and laws & weight of the order.

Can diabetics eat Turkish delight?

Although Turkish delights are sweet desserts and hence, not good for people suffering from Diabetes. But there are sugar-free, no salt and zero-fat Turkish delights available, and diabetics can freely eat them. Get yourself sugar-free Turkish delights exclusively at Ubuy.

Can you eat Turkish delight when pregnant?

Turkish delight has ingredients like sugar, fat, and starch which can be harmful in pregnancy. But moderate consumption does no harm.

Can you freeze Turkish delight?

Freeze the Turkish delight to enjoy its cool and fizzy flavor. You may freeze it in an airtight container to extend its shelf life.

Do you need to refrigerate Turkish delight?

There is no need to refrigerate Turkish delight but if you are planning to store it for weeks and more, you should refrigerate them in order to maintain its freshness.

Does the Turkish delight have gelatin?

Although the majority types of Turkish delights are gelatin free, some modern brands add gelatin to unify its consistency and shape. Buy traditional gelatin-free best Turkish delight, from Ubuy like HACI BEKIR and Emirelli San Francisco.

Does Turkish delight have eggs?

Authentic Turkish delight is 100% vegan, there are no egg or animal by-products used in it. They use rosewater and sugar to give it a rich flavor.

Does Turkish delight make a good gift?

Turkish delights can be great gifts for birthdays, parties, and family gatherings. Offer your loved ones a nice treat of Turkish delights.

Does Turkish delight make you fat?

Turkish delights contain high sugar levels and carbs. You can have them as an occasional treat but regular consumption can make you fat.

How is Turkish delight made?

Turkish delight is made by adding cooked cornstarch with desired flavor, sugar syrup, rose water, and food coloring. After the soft candy cubes are ready, they are finished with sugar dust. We have amazing flavors of Turkish delight, get your favorite at the best rates from us.

How long does Turkish delight last once open?

You can keep Turkish delight for 10 - 15 days once opened, however, it can last for more than a month if you properly refrigerate it.

How to store Turkish delight?

The best way to store Turkish delight is by storing it in a dry airtight container. Put this container in a fridge to ensure longer shelf life.

Is Turkish chocolate good for children's health?

There are numerous benefits of Turkish delights, a few bites are adequate for children to refresh them and bring them back in a joyful mood. Regenerate their playfulness with a spark of energy by giving them Turkish chocolate.

Is Turkish delight chocolate vegetarian?

If you are talking about traditional Turkish delight chocolate, then there is no point where anybody can state it as non-veg. But certain brands add non-veg ingredients to make these deserts chewable and last longer. Get 100% vegan Turkish delight chocolates from our official website.

Is Turkish delight from Turkey?

Turkish delight, locally known as ‘Lokum’ is believed to have originated in the 17th century in Istanbul and later its production started all over Turkey. But there is no official statement that can verify the same.

What distinguishes Turkish chocolate from others?

It all goes to exotic nuts such as hazelnut, pistachio, almond, cashew, and walnut which collectively give Turkish delight a firm rich taste and set it apart from other chocolates.

What does Turkish delight taste like?

A Turkish delight tastes very sweet and tangy, its smooth texture melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. Its nuts give you a different balanced flaky and misty taste.

What flavor is Turkish delight?

Turkish delight comes in a variety of flavors, the most common one is rose flavored. While lemon, orange, mastic, and bergamot are other delicious flavors. Explore the wide collection of Turkish delight flavors at and order your favorite one.

What is special about Turkish chocolate?

The heritage and tradition behind Turkish chocolate have marked its premiumness. The perfect blend of mixed nutty taste makes it one of the most loved and hyped chocolates in the world.

What is the best chocolate in Turkey?

The famous Turkish delight is considered to be the best chocolate in Turkey, in fact, you will find this on every street corner of Turkey. Koska, Hazer baba, and Lokum Istanbul are well-known brands.

What is the most popular flavor of Turkish chocolates?

The best Turkish chocolate flavor is rosewater. It is made by adding rosewater, rose essence, and sugar syrup in cocoa powder. Here at Ubuy, we have 100% authentic rose-flavored Turkish chocolate.

What is Turkish delight called in Turkey?

In Turkey, Turkish delight is traditionally known as ‘Lokum’ (low-km), which literally means sweet or dessert in the local language.

What is Turkish delight candy?

A Turkish delight candy is a famous confection from Turkey. It is a sweet and solid candy finished with powdered sugar that comes in various flavors such as lemon, rose, orange, and many more. Choose and get your desired Turkish delight candy from our official online store.

What is Turkish delight chocolate?

Turkish delight chocolate is a globally admired dessert that inherits its standard taste characteristics from Turkish heritage and culture. It forms an integral cultural part of Turkey.

What is Turkish delight made from?

The Turkish delight recipe includes its ingredients - granulated and powdered sugar, vegetable oil, rosewater, corn starch, water, coloring agent, artificial and natural flavors, emulsifiers, lemon juice, dates, and nuts.

What to check when you buy Turkish delight?

The first thing to check when you buy a Turkish delight is its ingredients, see if it consists of gelatin, gluten, artificial food dyes, chemicals, or preservatives, and most importantly check its expiration date.

Who makes Turkish delight chocolate?

There is a profusion of brands that are into the production of the best chocolate in Turkey. Apart from local Turkish brands, Cadbury remains top in making the best Turkish chocolates.

Why is Turkish delight so expensive?

The traditional making process, premium flavors, and rare ingredients inclusively support the luxurious identity of Turkish delight. And for that reason it is expensive.